More than 1,000 Steps

This journey will be more than 1000 steps.  Much more.  I am leaving with Gongzhan Wu (Gladney VP and director of the Asia Program) on Wednesday, Nov. 2nd and the latest itinerary reads like this.

NY to Tokyo               6737 miles
Tokyo to Taipei           1330 miles
Taipei to Shanghai      427 miles
Shanghai to Harbin     1041 miles
Harbin to Jiamushi      3.5 hours by car (mileage? maybe 150 miles)  

That would make 9685 miles one way.
Returning I go from:
                            Jiamushi to Harbin              150 miles(roughly)
                            Harbin to Beijing                  659 miles               
                            Beijing to Tokyo                   1307 miles
                            Tokyo to Home                    6737 miles  
That makes 8853 miles on the return trip.
Total 18,538 miles in all.  I cannot believe it.  The distance around the earth at the equator is 24,901 miles so I will not equal that.  If I started at JFK and went 18,538 miles to the west I would fly more than half way around the world and end up somewhere in Italy.  Please pass the spaghetti.  But then again didn't spaghetti come from China?     

 Although this will be an exciting but arduous journey it is for an important purpose.  To help children find their forever families, and for those children who will never find forever families to provide whatever comfort, caring and joy we can offer to them and to their caregivers.  I am the lucky one.  I will be meeting so many amazing children in all these cities.  I cannot wait for this journey to begin.  Wish I could go tonight.  The only problem is my suitcase is not packed.  Better wait till Wednesday. 
Pat Marcus

Preparation Begins

Even the longest journey begins with but one step.  I am about to begin a journey of many steps.  It will be from NYC to Tokyo to TaiPei, TaiPei to Shanghai China and Shanghai to Jiamusi.  I will be traveling with Gongzhan Wu who is in charge of the Asia program at Gladney.  Our purpose is to bring information about our waiting children program to Taiwan.  We will then be in Shanghai to meet more Gladney designated children from the Shanghai Childrens Home, spend time with the rehabilitation staff and the children in the orphanage.    We will then fly to Northern China to speak with caregivers and staff in an orphanage there.  All in ten days.

That will be many steps.  Many new faces, new opportunities to get to know the wonderful children and make a difference.  As a volunteer for Superkids my goal is to make a difference in the lives of children who are waiting for forever families and those who will never find their own special family.  I feel so lucky to be part of this program.

Every day from now to Nov 2,  I will be packing, preparing and eagerly anticipating this trip.  Hope I have enough room in my suitcase for all I want to bring.  Will keep you all updated.