The Superkids of 2016!

The Superkids of 2016!

A Few Fun Facts

As we come to the end of 2016 I thought it would be fun to visit a few highlights from the year.

On the blog some of our most popular posts this year were this one and this one. And you know what? The best news isn't that they were popular posts, but that the children are coming home! Reagan will meet her family in early January and Lewis' family is getting closer to travel too!

May of 2016 there were more blog views than any other month in the history of the blog. But December is a close second and we still have a few days left in the month, so we may beat our record again this month.

We traveled to China and Taiwan twice this year. We met hundreds of kids. We published 273 posts on the blog this year. The vast majority of these were posts about children needing families.

We have met many new people this year too! In April we took our first "advocacy camp" group to China. With the huge Former Shared List program we were involved in we sent 4 groups of volunteers to orphanages all over China.

It has been a year of change and growth. We believe 2017 will bring many wonderful new things too. And we will be here blogging about all of it. Thank you for following and for sharing our posts!

Drew {Taiwan}

We bring to you today the adventurous, fun-loving boy, Drew! Our adventures included bubble blowing, measuring how tall he is, Lego building, handwriting, and even silliness with the electric tooth brush. He is a load of fun!

He is active and curious all while also being equally as caring. His relationship with his friends is so sweet to experience. As he worked on his Lego car he asked his friend to help. It was just so adorable to watch the two interact.

He also has the sweetest relationship with his case worker. It's precious to see the connection and trust they have built searching for his forever family.

Drew has the sweetest smile and the most fluffy eye lashes. His giggle is contagious.

Drew is in search of a family to call his own. A forever family. Could your life's adventure include Drew? We have so much to share, so ask away! For more information on Drew, please contact Mary Chapman at

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!

Our Gift To You!

Cara, Yes, Another Precious Baby Girl!

Cara is only 1 year old and my goodness! Did she ever love to be held and rocked! Douglas held her and held a music player for her to listen to and she was content to just be rocked like this for a long time!

Cara has hypothyroidism and a cleft palate. In our Superkids screening she appeared to also be developmentally delayed, though her file does not indicate this. She responds to her name and vocalizes. She sits independently and pulls to a stand with assistance. She likes to suck her thumb and looks pretty cute doing it too!

Look at the way she is looking up at Douglas in the top picture! Isn't it just too sweet? Could this baby be your daughter? Please contact us at for more information.

Family Friday!

Another little girl has been matched with her forever family!


Congratulations! What a gift this little one is!

Oh Baby Cuteness! Celeste!

Who wants to meet a precious, chubby baby girl? Well, here she is!

Celeste is only 1 year old and is such a cuddly little thing! She seems close to her caregiver and laughs easily when her caregiver plays with her. She did not, however, find us very much fun!

She was born prematurely and has some weakness on her right side. She also has a some abnormal findings on a brain scan.

Celeste sits independently and rolls over. She isn't walking or crawling yet. She vocalizes, but does not yet say any words. She can feed herself little Gerber baby puffs, and seemed to really like them.

This gorgeous baby girl needs a family to get to her and get her home where she can receive the care, therapy, and love she deserves.

Could that family be yours? Wouldn't it be amazing if her family saw her today? Can you share her post to make that more likely? Talk about a great Christmas gift! For her a family, for them a new baby daughter!

Please contact us at for more information.

Dennis {Taiwan}

Just a little shy and not so sure of what to think of all there was to see, sweet Dennis entered the room with his tiny fingers wrapped around his caretakers. A true ambassador of Taiwan, he was sporting a Welcome to Taiwan t-shirt which includea panda on the back that looked like it was hugging him. His dark eyes and round cheeks ... oh how precious! 

The shyness slowly melted away as he showed off his Mickey backpack. He was so grateful for the fruit snacks he decided to stash those away for later in his backpack. Then off to blowing bubbles, playing with the wiggle ball, dressing magnetic kittens, linkable beads... Dennis is so smart and very alert to his surroundings.  

This adorable 4 year old loves stickers! He was reaching way high to gather yet another sticker and place it on his arm. Precious Dennis is reaching high and low in search of his forever family. Might you be his sticker loving, ball bouncing, fruit snack eating family that would forever adore him? 

For more information on Dennis, please contact Mary Chapman at

Eric Update!!

Oh, I'm itching to give you an update on the sweetest, happiest little boy!

Yes! It is Eric I'm talking about!!

We introduced Eric here, but that was before we met him, and I've said it before, but I'll say it again. Meeting him, holding him, hearing his laugh... it just makes all the difference! This little boy is a jewel!!

Eric is 3 years old and has cerebral palsy. He receives physical therapy and is walking using a stander. And he is might pleased with himself about it, let me tell you! He is a sweet little one who very willingly shared his fruit snacks with us, offering them on his own. It was just precious!

He speaks quite well and says a lot of words! He crawls and sits independently. He wears leg braces and walks using a walker. He can feed himself and scribble on paper. Basically he is just and amazing little boy waiting for his family to see him!

Could you be his family? Please contact us at for more information about Eric!

Brothers! Dallas & Denver {Taiwan}

Brothers! Precious brothers! Introducing 5 year old Dallas and 6 year old Denver. Let the sweetness melt your chilly day away... It seems as though it was just yesterday when the giggles from Dallas as he played soccer filled the room. And Denver shared his precious smile as I made my best car noises as we drove his lego creation through the make shift maze. 

These boys are smart and fun loving! Those teddy bear brown eyes let me tell you... It was sweet to watch them interact with us, from silly moments playing goal keeper or just the sweet eye contact while figuring out how to fix the lego creation and searching the I Spy book for the next clue. 

Dallas and Denver are in search of their forever family. A family to call just their own. Wouldn't it be amazing if on the next Superkids trip we give them the news... the gift of a forever family! 

For more information on Dallas and Denver, please contact Mary Chapman at


Charley is almost four years old and loves listening to music and laughs when he is tickled. He has cerebral palsy and is unable to do much on his own, but he observes the room with interest and i would love to know what he is thinking behind those big, beautiful eyes!

Speaking of eyes, you should have seen his light up when he saw our little light up helicopter! He isn't speaking much but does vocalize with sounds like "aaahhh" and "mmmmmm".

This sweet little one spends his days in a crib or propped up watching the other children play. He deserves so much more than that!

Could Charley be your son? Please contact us at for more information!


We don't normally post much on Sundays, but we just got a bunch of new files, and we are just bursting with excitement about introducing these sweet children to the world!

Corbin is 6 years old and is quite the little charmer. He absolutely loves posing for pictures then looking through the pictures on the back of the camera. He has a happy, sunshiny personality and the cutest little laugh you have ever heard!

Corbin has cerebral palsy and has a little bit of a halting gait when he walks, but he walks, runs, and jumps. He like to play ball, throwing and kicking the ball to another person.

In our notes about him we describe him as "awesome, playful, super smart, and focused". Corbin speaks clearly in complete sentences. He strings bead and is independent in his self care.

This little boy will add so much joy to any home! Could he be your son? Please contact us at for more information!

Meet Harry!

Are you read for chubby cheeked cuteness overload?

Harry is only 17 months old and seems attached to his caregiver. When we met him he sat pretty quietly and observed what was happening in the room.

He is somewhat delayed developmentally, and there are some unclear things in his file which we will be glad to discuss with interested families. He sits independently and crawls. He pulls to a stand and walks with assistance. He responds to his name and says "mama".

This darling, cuddly baby boy needs a family. His file is designated Special Focus so you can be matched with him even if you are starting from scratch with paperwork! Please contact us at for more information!

Family Friday!

We have matches to announce!




Congratulations to all! Next year Christmas will be even more magical!

Brothers - Morty and Maxwell! {Taiwan}

Well, we have two more adorable brothers for you to meet – Morty and Maxwell! Morty is 10 years old and Maxwell turned 9 years old last month. These sweet brothers live together in their orphanage and have a very close relationship.

Big brother Morty is lively and active. He had a cold when we met him, but he was still enthusiastic about our games and participated well. He loved the Legos and told us that he also likes playing basketball, riding bikes, and skateboarding. He is in the 5th grade and likes school. He loves reading National Geography and other similar magazines because he loves animals and looking at maps.

Younger brother Maxwell is shy and wasn’t too talkative with us. His caregivers told us he is quiet and observant, but opens up to people he knows. But boy did he love the Legos! And he especially was happy when our photographer, Jon, got down on the floor to help him out! Maxwell also told us that he is in the 3rd grade and that he likes school. He is in the chess club and told us he also likes playing Bingo!

Could Morty and Maxwell be your sons? For more information on these amazing brothers, please contact Mary Chapman at

Meet Our Children With Down Syndrome!

Look at these sweet babies! There are so many children with Down Syndrome in China and Taiwan who are waiting for families!

We are offering a $4,000 grant for any child with Down Syndrome adopted through Gladney! 

Please look at these cuties and ask yourself if you could open your heart and home to one of them. Also please share this video to raise awareness for these children. Let's work together to get these babies home!

Oh, and be sure to check out our Waiting Children With Down Syndrome page! There may be a fun little announcement hidden in there somewhere! Yes indeed, one of our kids has a family! Comment or like this post when you see which child has a family!

Maddox {Taiwan}

Maddox is a precious 17 month baby boy! We met him in both May and October this year – and my how he grew in those few short months!

He is very sweet – he loves to gives kisses to other babies! His caregivers told us that he likes to laugh and play with other children. They also said that he loves to eat. He was very persistent in telling us when he wanted more fruit snacks!

In October he showed us how curious he was about everything – he wanted to see and investigate everything around him. He would wave and blow kisses to us. He could listen to instructions his caregivers gave him and would respond to his name. He maintains good eye contact and is starting to imitate sounds. He is crawling and his caregivers are working on helping him to learn to walk.

Maddox has a $4,000 grant through Gladney!

Maddox is a joyful, happy baby boy who has Down syndrome. Could he be your son? For more information on Maddox, please contact Mary Chapman


Hazel's story is a little special. She is a beautiful 4 year old girl who has Down Syndrome. When one of our families traveled to China to adopt their son they visited the orphanage and met Hazel. They fell in love and asked if she had an adoption file. They were told she did not and they asked the orphanage personnel to please prepare the file. Apparently they listened, because when we asked about her the last time we were there they said her file was almost completed!

And now here she is! Meet Hazel!

She is a funny little thing who loved the different activities we had going on in the room! She loved the balls and my goodness did she love the stacking cups! She kept trying to get them and take them to another part of the room!

Hazel has a $4,000 grant through Gladney!

Hazel needs a family? Could she be your daughter? Please contact us at for more information.


Alice is a lovely 2 year old baby girl who will just melt your heart!

We have seen Alice several times now and she used to reside in the Butterfly Home. She is a sweet little girl who is described as active and outgoing.

Her diagnosis is developmental delay. She is crawling and pulling to stand and can walk with assistance. She is not speaking much yet, but responds to her name and follows simple directions.

She didn't really like the fruit snacks we took with us and scrunched up her little nose when she put one in her mouth! I guess it was a bit sour for her!

Alice needs a family to love her and provide the therapies she needs to thrive! This beautiful little girl will add so much joy to a home!

Please contact us at for more information!

Family Friday!

We have matches to announce!



These two precious little girls will be home soon and we couldn't be more excited for them and for their families!

Michael & Marty {Taiwan}

Oh man, are these brothers adorable! Michael will be turning 9 years old in January and Marty just turned 7 years old. Both boys enjoyed playing with the toys and laughed a lot – they have great laughs!

Michael loves to be active. He told us that his favorite part of school is getting to play sports in PE. He also loves to play with toy cars and stuffed animals. And of course, he loves watching cartoons! His foster mother told us that he is very considerate, and will often show concern for others. He also takes his role as big brother very seriously, he looks after Marty and will remind him to behave.

Marty has a great sense of humor. We asked him why someone would use a spoon and his response was that it’s because they don’t know how to use chopsticks! Marty told us that he loves doing arts and crafts in school and dancing. He also likes playing with stuffed animals and any toy that moves. 

For more information on Michael and Marty, please contact Mary Chapman at