Webinar Recording {Shanghai & Jiangxi Kids}

Here is the recording of the webinar featuring children from Shanghai and the Jiangxi province. We had some technical difficulties in the beginning and had to re-start the webinar after all of the introductory comments. We started over with the children, so all children are included in this recording. I know that is the part we all love best anyway!

Webinar Tonight!

Don't forget to register here for tonight's webinar! It begins at 7:00 PM (EDT).

We have so many lovely children that we just can't wait to tell you about!

See you then!

Wordless Wednesday {Arielle}

Meet Kirby!

Kirby is a little boy who is 7 years old. The first thing you will notice about him is his dazzling smile! Well, that and he may surprise you by dropping an English word or two.

He has such a vibrant personality. He speaks very clearly and likes to sing. He sang several songs for us, including Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in English!

Kirby walks with a walker due to possible cerebral palsy. His arms are very strong since he also does a lot of crawling! He moves amazingly fast! He can get wherever he needs or wants to go very efficiently.

Kirby is toilet trained and takes care of his own personal needs. He can count and recite poems. He strings beads and drew a person for us. He is very inquisitive and had so much fun figuring out the toys we had in the room.

Kirby is a really wonderful little boy who would just thrive in a family! I would love to see how he would grow and change with a family to cheer him on and get him the therapy and education that he needs!

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information. Superkids volunteers are happy to talk to any family interested in adopting him!

This amazing little boy needs a family! Could he be your son?

Jaxon {Under Consideration}

I'm warning you right up front here. If you don't want to fall in love just stop reading now.


Well, because Jaxon...

Jaxon is a two year old boy who has repaired CHD. We met him last month and he kept a little piece of several of our hearts, I think!

Jaxon is an outgoing little boy who is doing really well developmentally. He is a little boy with a big personality! 

He is walking, running, and can kick a ball. He is saying some words. He searches for a hidden object and can build a tower with blocks. We have noted the he was very pleasant during his exam.

Jaxon dislikes vegetables but likes to eat meat soup and candy. He has a couple of special friends in the orphanage and is close to his nanny. We were told that he cries when his nanny leaves.

Doesn't he sound like a sweetheart? Is Jaxon your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information on adopting Jaxon.

More Webinars!

On Thursday we had a webinar introducing our most recent trip to China. Now we are going to talk more specifically about the kids we met! We will be introducing kids we met in Shanghai and in the Jiangxi province on Thursday, May 28th at 7:00 PM (EDT). The following Thursday, June 4th, at 7:00 PM (EDT) we will be introducing kids from Changsha and Fuzhou.

April, Asia Waiting Child Program Coordinator, Keely, Pediatric Physical Therapist (and MS in Applied Developmental Psychology), and Erin, adoptive mom and photographer will be speaking about meeting the children. We will share a little bit about where each child is physically and developmentally as well as our impression of their personality. 

We will be introducing a lot of fabulous children! You can register for the May 28th webinar here and the June 4th webinar here. We can't wait to share these kids with you!

Sweet Jasmine

Are you ready to lose your heart again? (How many times can it happen?!)

Today I'm introducing little Miss Jasmine. She is two years old and as cute as a button!

The Superkids team just met her in April and here are some of the things we learned about her:

She walks independently and can walk backwards.
She throws balls and cries when toys are taken away from her.
She searches for a hidden object.
She says simple phrases such as, "I want."
She answers yes and no questions.
She identifies pictures in a book.

So that tells you a little about her. But it doesn't really tell you who she is. That is one reason that I love meeting these children!

Jasmine is a little bit shy but warmed up pretty quickly. At first she would hide behind her caregiver when I tried to play with her, but it didn't take long for her to get in to a fun little game of rolling the ball back and forth. I won a few shy smiles as we played together.

Jasmine is going to need a family who is open to some uncertainties. She seems to be doing well, but there are several things noted in her file that a family will want to speak with Keely (Superkids PT) about.

Could this little sweetheart be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.

Webinar Recording

If you weren't able to watch the webinar yesterday you can watch it here. Enjoy! 

Today Is The Day!!!

There is still time to sign up for the webinar! It is this afternoon at 1:00 (Eastern time).

We are going to be talking about our recent trip to China. We are also going to be introducing some children whose files just came in! (Yay!!!!)

April and Erin will be sharing about their experiences as Superkids team members as well as sharing some of Superkid's Charity's goals.

There will be lots of pictures and stories! There will be time at the end for questions you may have about Superkids or about Gladney's China Waiting Child program. You don't want to miss it!

Register here to join us! See you then!

Introducing Jude

Jude was the first child we saw at his orphanage. He was accompanied by several beaming nannies. As they snapped photos and proudly told us of his accomplishments it became quite obvious that he is a great favorite among the staff.

And, I have to say, we could understand why they would love him! He has an outgoing personality and a lovely smile. He is smart and engaging and doesn't let anything slow him down.

Jude has complex limb deformities that cause him to need to walk on his knees, but he doesn't bother just walking, he runs on those knees! His hands are also affected, but again, he compensates so well!

Jude is almost 3 years old and is developmentally on target. He speaks in sentences and follows commands. He climbed up on a little rocking horse by himself. He engaged very well with his caregivers. When we would give him a toy, he would immediately take it over to show it to his caregivers.

Jude is an exceptional little boy in so many ways! Could he be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.

We Love Lucy!

Lucy is an outgoing, friendly little 3 year old girl. She is so sweet and funny with a very soft little giggle.

The Superkids team met her in April (for the second time) and she had so much fun with the pretty hairbows and looking at herself in the mirrors we took. It was so cute! She would look at her picture then look in the mirror and giggle!

Lucy has strabismus and some increased muscle tone in her legs that causes her to walk on her tip toes and with a bit of a halting gait. She can walk independently and go up and down stairs with assistance. She is receiving therapy and it is reported that she is making good progress.

She speaks in complete sentences and answers questions appropriately. She can dress herself and is in the process of toilet training. She has a great attention span and was very interested in the toys we had with us.

Lucy likes to sing and she helped several other children sing a song for us which was, of course, super cute!

Could this darling little girl be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.

Meeting Aaron

Webinar Time!

We are going to have a webinar! Actually we are going to do a series of webinars, but the first one is going to be next week!

April and Erin are going to give you an overview of the April 2015 trip to China. You can learn more about the goals of Superkids and some of the children we met in China. There will be lots of cute pictures. There will be lots of fun stories. There will be coffee and brownies (OK. Disclaimer: As much as we would love to have coffee and brownies with every one of you, you will need to provide your own at home). There will be a Q&A period at the end to answer any questions you have about Superkids Charity as well as Gladney's China Waiting Child Program. It is going to be fun!

When: Wednesday May 20, 2015 at 1:00 PM (Eastern Time)

Where: The comfort of your own home!

Who: Everyone is invited! 

Help us spread the word! Register here!

Wordless Wednesday {Jude- And New Files Sneak Peek}

We All Love Layla! {Under Consideration}

When we were in China we saw precious little Layla again. You can read another post about her here. She has grown and developed in the 10 months since we last saw her and is more lovely than ever!

She did so well in all of the cognitive and development tests that the team did! According to her file she has a low IQ, but that just isn't at all what our team has observed either time we met her. On the contrary, she seems to be on target or even a little advanced.

She played very well with the other children who were in the room at the same time she was. She answered our questions politely and in complete sentences. She can run, jump, and kick a ball. She follows two step directions and clearly engages in reciprocal conversation.

Layla is attending preschool in the orphanage. Her favorite thing to do is drawing and her favorite color is pink.

Could this precious little girl be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.

It's Galen's Turn

I fell in love with Galen weeks ago (read his advocacy post here) just reading through his file. Admittedly, the dimples didn't hurt anything either! But actually meeting him, well, I can't even tell you what a difference meeting these kids makes!

He is a sweet, gentle boy. He very readily did whatever we asked him to do. He joined right in and had a great time playing ball.

When Tanna broke out the Legos he quickly put one of the larger sets together.

While Galen seemed more quiet than some of the other children, he really didn't seem shy. He is such a great boy, just waiting for his own family.

Could he be your son? Please contact Apil Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information about adopting Galen.

Wordless Wednesday {Aaron}

Update Time For Grayson!!

When we met Grayson (read his advocacy post here) he walked into the room with a smile on his face. He was eager to make connections with us and loved all of the activities we did with him. He posed for pictures and watched as we printed one out for him then he wanted to pose with one of his friends and have that photo printed too.

April was drawing with several of the older kids and asked them to draw themselves by looking at their printed pictures. Grayson did a beautiful job with his self portrait and when April showed him the row of rabbits across his sweater he carefully added them to his picture.

He has the greatest laugh! Keely did some cognitive tests with each child and he thought some of the pictures were so funny! He wasn't the only one laughing because his laugh is just so infectious that Keely and several other kids were laughing too!

Even as he was leaving the room he was waving and telling us good-bye. Grayson would love to have a family of his own! Is he your son? I so want to see him adopted before he is close to aging out! Please share his posts and help this deserving boy's family find him!

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri.org for more information on adopting Grayson!

I Think It Is Time For Some Updates! {Gus}

You can read an advocacy post about Gus here. It will tell you what you need to know about him, but...

That was written before we met him. Everything in that post remains correct, but...

Oh my! He is so much more than that!

He was very sober when he came into the room, stoic, even. I was taking pictures of him and asked Gongzhan to ask him to smile (this was before I very proudly learned to say "smile" myself!). He told Gongzhan he couldn't and I dropped it, but...

It wasn't long before Tanna had him joining in a fun game with a ball. At first he covered his mouth when he smiled. Later he didn't even care when he saw I was capturing his smile on camera. This all happened in under an hour. Can you imagine how he would open up with his own family?

All of us ended up really loving this "stoic" little boy with the wonderful smile! He ended up being very playful and quite a tease!

Could Gus be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information about adopting Gus.