Next week is a very important week for Superkids.  We are having a large event in NYC and honoring Martha Osborne founder and creator of Rainbow kids.  In many ways,  Martha has inspired us all and led us along the road of advocacy.  Martha gives direction and purpose to what we do.  She keeps us moving forward and working for these children.  Rainbow Kids also provides the structure for our children to reach a larger number of families.  She has helped thousands of families find their children.  It makes us so excited to work with her as she is such an inspiration.  She truly has changed the face of adoption. 

What is also special for next week is the entire Superkids team is coming in to meet and spend time with Martha.  So we will all be together again.  WE are jumping for joy over this.  We all be together on this side of the world where we are not sleep deprived and exhausted. Where coffee and diet coke are not are first thoughts.  Where we are able to be together and just talk.  So think of all of us.  We wish every Superkids family could be with us.  We wish you all were here.

 Stand by for more excitement as we have several things planned for next month which is National Adoption Month.  Here comes November!!!!!



Another Victory!!!!

We are ever so happy to be seeing more files come in.  At the same,  We are seeing more and more cuties come home.  The files mean we have more and more kiddos  who have crossed the hurdle of getting a file prepared.  We all advocate for every child to have a file.  If they do not have a file there is no chance they can be listed.  Those files are the first victory.  It means they have a chance.  We want every child to at least have that chance.  A chance at a family, a future and being loved forever by a Mom and a Dad.  There is a magical transformation that takes place once this happens.  Children go from being alone and waiting to part of a loving family.  This takes place in steps.

Step one-  every child needs to have a file.  There is much foot tapping and asking and begging on our part here.  Not through any deliberate intention on anyone's part.  There are just too many children and not enough staff.  When we keep asking for a particular child it brings attention to that child and when the file gets prepared it gives each precious kiddo the chance they are waiting for.

Step two-  finding the right forever family.  Outreach from the Superkids team, advocacy and assistance from a whole group of adoption advocates makes this happen. We are so excited when these children are matched.  We ring a bell and shout from the roof tops.  There is great rejoicing for each and every special kiddo who find their forever family.   

Step three-  These wonderful beautiful precious kiddos come home.  You can see the difference in their faces and in their eyes.  The have the love of a mama and baba, a family.   Some of these kiddos tell everyone on their adoption trips in Chinese,  "  I have a Mama and a Baba now!"  Another victory!

So here are some great before and afters!  Little victories add up to this wonderful magical transformation that takes place.  The transformation of a waiting child to being a son or daughter!





Gearing up!!!

Well that surely describes it!  What are we gearing up for?   So many things all at one.  On Nov. 7th we will  be honoring Martha Osborne from Rainbow kids.  We are so so exited.  The entire Superkids team will attend.  We are laughing that it will be great to be together when we are not sleep deprived.  The Asia waiting child team will be working with Martha and learning more and more about advocacy.  Martha sets standards and has a model we are so so impressed with and excited about. In many ways it dictated our theme for the event, " Every Child Matters".  The Superkids team is dedicated to this. 

Each and every child is special and beautiful.  Its there differences that make them beautiful and special and there is the perfect family out there for each and every one. We all really believe that.  Often times families search for their Child by special need and in a way its that special need that brings you to the child. 

So here is the second thing we are gearing up for.  There are a number of new files that have come in or almost here.  Again we are excited.  More beautiful children to help on their journey.  Helping them find that forever family that is just right for them. 

So a lot to celebrate and a lot to gear up for. Here we go!!!!

today I  leave you with some beautiful pics of a few of our waiting sweeties!!!

100 miles to You!!!

Two wonderful families started this project.  Both families are waiting for their child to come home. They are challenging all of us to walk, bike, run or kayak for 100 miles.  For each mile we complete we place a dollar in a jar and at the end of November ,which is national adoption month, Superkids will use these donations to fund our work in Asia.  We will be able to make more trips to help even more waiting children, find more forever families and provide love and comfort to those who wait.   Well here is the start of my 100 mile challenge.  Check it out on facebook and see the start of my 100 mile challenge here!

Here is the link to the facebook group!

Here are some of the beautiful children who's stories we are sharing.  Remember, every child matters.  We will serve as their voice so they can be heard and work to help them find their forever family.


Texas turnaround

I had to do a turn around trip to Texas this week. Down and back in one day.  For those of you who know me well, can you imagine?  Not a good flyer and hate to travel.  Still its all for the good. I am back safe and sound.  This errand was hard work but you will see the results coming up!

Wile this was going on Erin and I had the opportunity to review some great pics from our trip. so here are a few wonderful images from this trip.

See all these beautiful faces?  I just could not resist sharing and look,  Erin got in a couple of photos. She is usually behind the camera!!!!  More about our new kiddos coming up!

Can You See Me?

So never expect to go into an orphanage and come out the same person.  There has been a sot going around like that.  You will come out broken and hurt and all that is good because these kids need for that to happen to us.  We need to know what its like and how amazing children are there waiting. Just waiting....

This year we wanted to work on self esteem.  Help these kiddo see how beautiful they really are.  Beauty in their faces and sweet spirits. These kids rarely look in a mirror and almost never get to see their picture.  You quickly find this out when you take a picture and are bowled over by every child in the room wanting to look at your camera.  We decided to take Polaroid pics this year.   The pictures come on sticker and fit nicely on the back of a credit card mirrors.  Little plastic mirrors the size of a credit card.  Well what a success.  Here is a series of how one kiddo reacted.  Every child seemed to love these.  From the 18 month old babies on up.  Enjoy the fun!

Yes, sweet beautiful girl, we can see you.  You are so so special!  You are wonderful and not forgotten.