Keely and Kelly Update

Hi everyone! Internet has been slow in Ethiopia and Keely and Kelly have been very busy! Today they are conducting a 2 day training for orphanage caregivers.

K & K have been busy working with disabled orphans. Several of these orphans have foot and leg deformities. K & K found a place that can make ankle/feet orthodics to help prevent further deformity and allow them to weight bear.

A new girl was recently brought to the orphanage. She has a skull deformity and seizures. K&K found a neurologist in Addis who will give her a work up and CT scan this week.

K&K have also been overseeing some jewelry making as part of Gladney's Brighter Futures Project. The teen orphans pictured above are making beautiful ribbon necklaces that will be for sale this fall. Proceeds from sales will go to life-skills training for teen orphaned girls. Most teen orphans around the world do not have the skills to live constructive, independent lives. The majority end up on the streets. If you are interested in supporting our Brighter Futures Project please visit our website and buy some bracelets!! They are very pretty and make a great gift!

More updates coming soon!