Pat and Kathy leave for China this Friday!

Hi everyone,

Let me introduce ourselves. My name is Pat, I am a pediatric physical therapist who has praticed for over 25 years. Kathy is a speech therapist who has praticed for about 40 years. We are part of superkids which is the humanitarian aide arm of Gladney adoption agency.

Pat, physical therapist

Kathy, speech therapist

Kathy and I are preparing to leave for Shanghai this Friday and we are so excited. We will spend the week at the Shanghai Children's Home. Our mission is to meet children in the Waiting Children Program and to train orphanage staff, local volunteers, and caregivers who care for disabled orphans. We have been preparing for this trip since last fall. All our preparation is about to come to fruition. We are fluttering around trying to pull our lives together and take care of a multitude of last minute details. My suitcase is almost as tall as I am. This is my fourth trip and Kathy's second trip.We are excited and nervous at the same time. Did we forget anything? Most of all we can't wait to get back to see the Children in the orphanage. We know we will see familiar staff and care givers. Several expatriate volunteers, who we have worked with during previous missions, will interpret for us again. We met them on one of our first trips to China and we can't wait to see them! Their ability to translate is great and their command of not only proper language but also common language is exceptional. They seem to actually think in two languages.
Kathy and I are meeting for breakfast tomorrow to go over last minute details. We will keep you all in the loop as to whats going on.

Even the longest Journey begins with one small step.