Lovely Layla

Layla is a gorgeous little girl who just turned 6. She was met by the Superkids team in 2014 and we all found her to be a charming little lady. We observed her playing in a little toy kitchen. She obviously knew just what to do with the kettles and spoons and was apparently cooking up a nice little meal. She also gently cared for the doll and vacuumed the floor with a little toy vacuum cleaner.

She is described as gentle and well-behaved. She enjoys playing with other children her age and loves to sing and dance.

Layla's file indicates that she may have a low IQ, but she appears to be doing very well. She can count from 1-100. She speaks in complete sentences and can recite poems and rhymes. She takes care of her own personal needs. She can run, jump, and dance.

She is not picky with food and enjoys eating many different things. She loves to dress in pretty dresses. She said she doesn't have a favorite color but she likes to look pretty!

Could this darling little girl be your daughter? For more information about her or about any of our waiting children please contact April Uduhiri at