Meet Holden!

Holden was one of the younger kids the advocacy team got to meet. He seemed very excited to meet us and explore all the toys we brought with us. He played a little bit with play doh, being very fascinated with how it felt in his hands. His favorite toy was a little recorder that would play music and had a microphone to sing along with it. He loved showing off his skills and showing others how to use it, especially those on the advocacy team. He did not hesitate to plop on our laps and sing along to a song on the recorder. He, also, enjoyed reading some books and was having fun pointing and laughing at the pictures. And boy can his laughter spill over and be contagious. 

On the advocacy’s field trip to a cooking class, Holden was just having a hard day. He was excited about the inside play ground, but he hurt his foot playing and decided he was done for the day.  He spent the rest of the day next to his caregiver, where he was content taking it all in from the comfort of her lap. At the end of the field trip, everyone went fishing and he decided he would give it a try. With a little help he caught some fish and was very proud of the fish in his little fishing box.

Holden is 4 and has a developmental delay.

Holden is a fun loving bundle of joy? Could this little peanut be your son?

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