McKenna {Taiwan}

As the cracks of thunder and flashes of lightening lit up the room, 7 year old McKenna came into view. Her hands over her ears at each crack of thunder. Soon we were deep in conversation about how I too didn’t care for the storm. As time passed the storm was no longer a focus, it was as though it wasn’t even happening. Coloring pages, crayons, colored pencils and stickers out McKenna was busy creating art. Her favorite color is red. And she was very excited to pick the stickers of soccer balls as her foster brothers play soccer.

Soon, McKenna was off to play with all the other kids on the playground equipment. Even in her girly-girl outfit – and she loves to be dress up and be pretty - she did not hold back. Her caregiver was quick to let us know that she actually prefers to play with the boys.

McKenna has some delays and is noted to have a slightly low IQ. She is receiving occupational therapy.

This talkative, creative, and active little girl is in search of her forever family. She is looking for a place to call home. Could this be you? 

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