We don't normally post much on Sundays, but we just got a bunch of new files, and we are just bursting with excitement about introducing these sweet children to the world!

Corbin is 6 years old and is quite the little charmer. He absolutely loves posing for pictures then looking through the pictures on the back of the camera. He has a happy, sunshiny personality and the cutest little laugh you have ever heard!

Corbin has cerebral palsy and has a little bit of a halting gait when he walks, but he walks, runs, and jumps. He like to play ball, throwing and kicking the ball to another person.

In our notes about him we describe him as "awesome, playful, super smart, and focused". Corbin speaks clearly in complete sentences. He strings bead and is independent in his self care.

This little boy will add so much joy to any home! Could he be your son? Please contact us at for more information!