The following was written by Steve Willett, an adoptive parent who met Linus while in China to adopt his second daughter.

I met Linus when I visited the Changsha Social Welfare Institute after I met my second adopted daughter 2 days prior. We were visiting the infant wing of the SWI with another expectant adoptive parent, and there he was walking the hallway. He walked right up to me and my wife and gave us both big smiles, and I was lost to his charms.  

Steve and Linus

He wanted to be picked up which I did, and from there on out it was nothing but giggles, smiles and a lot of joy. I had a t-shirt that had a robot and a dinosaur in a battle and I made noises for both opponents as he laughed heartily and he couldn't get enough, and in all honesty neither could I. Even though I was with my wife and my two daughters, I felt very touched by this child, who I knew could not come home with us. 

As lunch time approached, I had to put him down and he disappeared around the corner waving to me as he went. I was an emotional wreck. It was only a matter of minutes, but this boy had touched me and I knew that I wanted to be a part of helping him find a forever family. I asked the nannies at the SWI if he had a file, and they said that he did not, but if anyone asked, then they would prepare one for him. After contacting my agency that night, we were able to start the process of getting a file ready for him. I saw him briefly before we left the SWI and picked him up one last time and gave him a hug; I didn’t want to let go.

The trip back to the hotel was very quiet and contemplative for me. I was thinking about Rosie's future, and I wanted Linus to have the same chance at a brighter future. If you are looking for a boy who is filled with joy and giggles and just radiates happiness, then I highly suggest you look into Linus’s file. While I was only with him for minutes, he has affected me for a lifetime, and I know that he can affect a loving family looking to adopt in so many expected and unexpected ways. Could you be his forever family?

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