Pat Reflects

I have had time to reflect on my trp to Tiawan and China this November and would like to share what the trip ment to me with all of you.  I have been to China 5 times  and now for the first time to Taiwan.  Every trip I always feel was better than the last.  This trip was the most amazing trip because of the people.  In the beginning, when you expierence a different culture, you have to reflect on what everything means but by now this culture shock has faded and I was so much more able to focus on the people and their stories.   
That is the thing that made this trip,  the people.   Our facilitator in Tiawan, Mr Yeh.  a retired axillary police officer.  He is a grandfather and took such great care of us.  He took us everywhere in his WiFi equipped cab.  He took me several places on the way from the train to the airport and had me pose for pictures wherever he took me.   The boys i met in the Chingyi  orphanage were amazing.  One boy had been there about 5 years.  The orphanage staff told me this boy liked to have pillow fights but did not like doing his chores.  I had all i could do to keep a straight face.  
In Shanghai,  I delivered a shared care packages for some of the children.  There was a little girl who was barely walking in march, walking by November and was running when that family brought her home in January.  I had one child who just got a care package and then shared a balloon with another child.  At the foster care station, I asked a matched child if she had anything to say to her soon to be adoptive parents.   She said  "  Mother, father, I love you".  There was not a dry eye in the room.  I was asked by another child , "is there a family for me?"  I am touched again and again by the children and the people.

Three of the children from my November trip are still waiting for their forever families.  It saddens me greatly that it's the boys always left waiting. I find I'm left advocating for many more boys than girls.  You can read about all these waiting children on the Gladney Asia waiting children page.

Peace and prayers for waiting children everywhere.