Rainbow Kids Rocks!

This week in New York we had an opportunity to spend time with Martha Osborne.  Let me tell you she is warm, kind and so there for every child who is waiting for a family.  She also advocates tirelessly to help families to find their child. Martha is an adoptee herself.  She kniows the miracle of adoption first hand as a parent as well.  She has five daughters who she adopted and are now her beautiful family.

In 1996 she started Rainbowkids.com. Since then Rainbow kids has grown to be the greatest force in online advocacy for international adoption.  She continues to advocate for children in many countries and with over 67 agencies.  Rainbowkids offers their services free of Charge so that even more children can benefit from having out reach in advocacy.

In person Martha is amazing.  She is warm, kind and an advocate who thinks with her head as well as her heart.  A true out of the box thinker.  So Cool to actually be with Martha who talks so openly about her own adoptions and her life.  We discussed everything from our favorite food to orphanages in China and changes in international adoption.  Wow!

Martha's daughter Kate also came with her on this trip. I so enjoyed meeting Kate as well as spending time with Martha.  She attended Chinese New Year party on Sunday.  Martha helped develop some ideas for the Superkids this summer. Another wonderful minute, Martha, Erin Martin and Chelsea all in the same room.  We missed Darla but we will catch up with her soon.

I think the most wonderful part of the time with Martha was knowing how many more children we can help.

OK,  Martha rocks, Adoption rocks!!!!