Look at this little cutie with his big, outstanding eyes!

This is Cole. He is two years old. He was one of the first kids in the room when we saw him in September. He and Courtney came in at the same time. When Keely gave Courtney her helmet we all expected her to be upset by it. Boy were we wrong! Not only did she love it, but Cole was super jealous that she got a helmet and he didn't!

He is a smiley, friendly little boy who is very inquisitive. He was so interested in all of the toys we had with us! He imitates words and is starting to say some words in Mandarin. He scribbles with a crayon, puts objects in and out of a container, and stacks blocks. He walks independently, walks backwards, and walks up and down steps.

Cole has several medical needs including heart and liver involvement as well as an abnormal brain scan. When asked what she would like to tell his adoptive family his nanny replied that she really wants him to grow up and be successful because he is very smart.

Are you my Mommy?
Could this cute little boy be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.