Meet Remy!

Remy is a helpful, creative and motivated 9-year-old boy who is gifted in athletics and loves learning. He plays badminton and enjoys attending 3rd grade, where he is a conscientious, enthusiastic student who loves to learn new things.

Remy had polio, which created some weakness in his left hand and foot – however, he doesn’t let it stop him! His caregivers note that, despite the weakness, his muscles have great flexibility and movement. He is an otherwise healthy, active boy. 

Socially, he is helpful and somewhat shy. He enjoys creating and putting things together, like puzzles and block buildings and castles. His caregivers note that he is independent and often volunteers to assist with the other children and daily tasks. 

The Superkids team met Remy last year and will be seeing him again during their trip in April. His caretakers made a note of expressing their wishes for Remy, most of all for him to have a “warm, complete family”. How wonderful if his family was working towards bringing him home when the SK team travels in April? 

Could Remy be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information.