Maverick {Taiwan}

From the first moment this talkative 7 year old boy came into the room during our visit in May, it was apparent how special his relationship was with his foster dad. Maverick was excited to share with his foster dad all about his thoughts. As soon as he saw the Lego kits he was eager to pick one to try. All while telling his foster dad how excited he was and that at school he gets to put Legos together. He put the Lego kit together with little attention to the directions.

With the Lego kit complete Maverick turned to the slide. He was excited to join the other children in the room to climb and slide. His smile was so wide! He loved all the kids! His foster dad told us that he often tells his foster family how he wishes he had a sibling to play with. 

Maverick has ADD and some delays. He is currently not taking any medication for his ADD as it doesn’t seem to be necessary.

This fun loving little guy is looking for his forever family. Could this be you? For more information on Maverick, please contact Mary Chapman at