Are you ready to meet one of the cutest little 4 year old girls in all of China?

Yep. This is Rosie. And she really is this cute! Do you see how she is peaking around the corner? She is a little reserved. At one point in the day she wanted to be included in the fun and activity, but when it was her turn to play with Keely she got a little shy and didn't really like being in the spotlight.

Rosie's special need is that her fontanelles closed prematurely and an abnormal brain scan. She has some developmental delays. Our pediatric physical therapist will be glad to speak with interested families about her.

She builds towers with blocks and sorts colors, she follows commands and is speaking simple words. She scribbles on paper and runs, jumps, and kicks a ball.

Rosie is such a sweetheart and she needs a family. Could she be your daughter? Please contact for more information.