Moses {Taiwan}

For the next few Taiwan blog posts we will be focusing on older boys who are available for adoption. There are so many great boys waiting for families. Each of them deserves the love and support that a family provides. Please read about them and ask yourself if you could be their family or play a part in finding their family. We can all do something. Let's do it!

Moses had us all smiling as we interacted with him. He is cute and funny and likes to play Chinese chess. He was eager to please and very cooperative for us.

He is 12 years old and his file indicates that he has ADHD. His file also states that he may have mild Tourettes, but he is not on medication for it. He is somewhat delayed, but was able to do addition and subtraction problems as well as some multiplication. He speaks in complete sentences and is easy to understand.

His favorite subjects in school,are math, science, and social studies. He enjoys helping his teachers do chores.

Moses needs a family who will provide structure and stability for him to thrive. Could he be your son? Please contact for more information.

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