Another Successful Day!

Another day packed full of activities!

BTW, just so everyone knows, the orphanage here is very large and beautiful. It is set on stunning, open grounds with several large buildings. The last time I was here there were over 500 children living on campus. The caregivers do an amazing job caring for all the children! We really enjoy getting to know these wonderful women whom we respect a great deal - they work so hard! The rehabilitation staff is also large. This staff works with the children from the community as well as in the orphanage. I am going to attach some pictures of a training session that we did today to work on activities for children with developmental delays and cerebral palsy. We had such a wonderful time!

We skipped lunch wisely so we could enjoy the reception dinner being held on Wednesday evening. We had been to many receptions during previous trips, so we knew the food would be delicious and plentiful! We were so happy to just have a quick rest at lunch and get back to work. Just after lunch we saw some children from the community. Following our work and suggestions we proceeded to the rehab department to work with several more children from the orphanage. We were also able to take some time to re-visit several children who are designated to Gladney. We wanted the chance to visit with them in an environment they found familiar.

The best part of this trip is the chance to help in the process of finding homes for children with special needs. We were privileged to see today several adoptive parents picking up their children to take home. It gave me goosebumps when I saw one family walk through the gates holding their child in their arms. Well, I hope to have that image in my dreams tonight. Another update coming soon.