Pat and Kathy's Final Days in Shanghai

Good morning everyone,

We are up and moving here in Shanghai. We were woken up last night at about 3 am as many in the hotel are up watching TV. We think everyone is trying to get updates on the earthquake. Our last days in Shanghai went by so fast. On Thursday, we spoke to rehabilitation center staff on the topics of speech therapy and cerebral palsy yesterday. They are eager to learn and we did several practical demonstrations of techniques for them. We also spoke to a group of community parents on techniques for children with autism. We did both practical demonstrations and lectures. They were very grateful. In the afternoon yesterday, we spoke to the teachers of the children with autism about setting goals for these children and how to improve their educational. We are so pleased to have the opportunity to work with so many different types of staff, so that even more children can benefit.

Last night after speaking for almost 6 hours we were invited to a reception dinner by the director of SCH. The vice director was also there and we teased about her about being the "director of food " because she always picks the dishes at the dinners. This dinner was traditional Shanghai cuisine; several whole fish, a dish I think was tripe, roasted duck, a soup with fish balls in it and a delicious desert soup with small dough balls it. Everyone loved dessert and the whole dinner was delicious.
We all summarized our visit and they were very pleased with the outcome of all our training. The best part of the trip was meeting all the children who will be part of the Gladney partnership. They were so amazing and we can't wait to see them find their forever families.

We need to get breakfast and leave for the plane. More summary of our trip and more photos to follow in a few days.

Pat and Kathy