Words from Kathy

Kathy is off to Shanghai this Friday!

I am Kathy deMaCarty and I have been a Speech Therapist for almost 40 years. In my late twenties I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Manila, Philippines and I was stationed at The Southeast Asian Institute for the Deaf. I also taught Speech Pathology at the University of the Philippines. I still look back on that on it as one of the best times of my life.

I came away from that experience profoundly inspired and changed. I got so much more than I gave to the people I helped. I also came away from it with a greater understanding of culture and how it influences our belief system and our decision making.

I am thrilled to be going back to Shanghai Children’s Home. I was there 3 years ago but because of my knee I could not travel. Now armed with a new titanium knee, I feel that I can return. It was such a pleasure to share my knowledge with others who want to help the children in residence and those of the community.

I am coming to the end of my career, but I still want to travel, meet people of different cultures and the best way is to volunteer. Experience and adventure is high on my list of things that mean a lot to me and my ability to work with Superkids is a way to have both wonderful experiences and share some of my knowledge.

I am thrilled to be going back but I am not looking forward to that 15hour flight. At least I have an isle seat!