Russia So Far..Gladney VP and Whitney go to Russia

Russia so far

Whew! Since Marshall and I have been in Russia it has been a whirlwind tour! We arrived in Moscow very early Monday morning. We took a quick nap and then met up with Tatyana (our in country coordinator) and went to see Red Square. It was amazing! Then we ran a few errands and then we went to the train station. We took an overnight train to Pskov. We arrived at 6:30 am on Tuesday, took another quick nap and then went to the Pechory Baby House. We met with Dr. Natalia and then toured the baby house. After visiting the baby house we went to see the very famous monastery in Pechory.

The next day, we met with Armaine, the director of social services in Pskov to sign the humanatarian aide agreement between Gladney and the orphanage in Pskov. This project will give girls who age out of the orphanage and are pregnant a place to stay as well as provide education for older children in the orphanages on how to take care of themselves once they age out. After signing the agreement, Marshall and I toured the orphanage where the project will take place.

Then we went to the train station and took a train overnight back to Moscow. We checked into the hotel and then had a late lunch at the Hard Rock here in Moscow. Tomorrow we will be driving 3 1/2 hours to the Ryazan region to meet with officials.