“Everyone can DO something!”

After my last blog post, which had very specific suggestions to help families in the process of adoption, it made me think about what we can all do to raise the awareness of adoption.  As I LOVE to say, everyone can DO something to increase awareness.  Only by speaking out, can we make a difference.  If you yourself don't feel called to adopt, help those that do and raise awareness to all the beautiful children who wait.

Having been to many orphanages in China, I have seen so many children who are waiting: they wait for their meals, wait to get washed up, wait for their turn with a toy, they wait to be the next child picked to leave the orphanage - they wait for their forever family!

So, here are some suggestions on what you can do even if you are not adopting:

-  promote adoption blogs on your blog.

-  make a pledge on a site that helps raise grants for adoption such as Reece’s Rainbow (www.reecesrainbow.org) an adoption ministry for children with downs syndrome

-  visit Rainbow Kids (www.rainbowkids.org) and advocate for these beautiful waiting children.

-  spread the word at your church, synagogue or religious institution.  Talk about the waiting child crisis.

-  when asked to read at a school or preschool, choose a book that highlights adoption.

-  if your child is involved in a group, have the group fundraise for a waiting child project.  The group can save change, sell lemonade, or rake leaves and donate the proceeds to waiting children charities.

-  embrace diversity and the beauty of each child.  Families are made in the heart.

I know there are many more suggestions to raise awareness and promote adoption.  Please comment on my blog or Facebook with your suggestions.  Remember, “Everyone can do something!”.

Please note: April Uduhiri and I are holding a special webinar on April 25th at 7 pm EST.  We will be joined by Juliette Howard, a Gladney mom who will speak about adoption from a parent’s perspective.  We have a group of older boys from the Hunan province available for adoption.  It is quite sad that being a boy makes it less likely that they will find a home.  Let’s see if we can change that!  Sign up at the link below.

Register here to attend the April 25th webinar.