Quilt Update:

Last fall, we began collecting quilt squares for a waiting child tribute quilt to be presented to The CCCWA.  We asked children and their families to draw on a square, write a message or trace their hand.  We started on the boat cruise around New York Harbor and continued to collect quilt squares at the Chinese New Year celebrations in Texas and New York.  The kids created some beautiful pictures!  This weekend, I am beginning to assemble the quilt.

Much love goes into assembling a quilt; it is such a sweet experience as I stitch the squares together, handling each child’s picture.  There is so much love here!  What is more beautiful than a child's drawing?  Here are some pictures as the quilt comes together.

So, thank you sweet kiddos for your beautiful drawings. Thank you CCCWA, for all the work you do for adoption.  Waiting children, you are in our hearts and we are committed to helping you be united with forever families!