Shanghai kiddos

Its time to talk about the kids we met in Shanghai.  We will be advocating for some beautiful designated children tonight on our Webinair.  Link is provided below.  These children are from the Shanghai Childrens home.  It is an orphanage that we have been visiting since 2007 and Gladney has a partnership with this orphanage.  I have worked with the rehab staff, been in the orphanage rooms and have had dinners and lunches with the staff.  It is a very large orphanage.  There may be up to 600 to 800 children on the campus.  Here are a few pictures.
 Here we are walking past the rehab center.

This is the main orphanage building.
These are some of the Nannies and I am showing them pictures of Children they know.  They just viewed the video Erin created of Shanghai kiddos. 
So now some beautiful photos of a couple of kiddos.  Tune in tonight to see more pictures and hear their stories. 

So tonight at 7 PM tune in to hear and see more about the kids we met in Shanghai.  Here is the link.