Whats going on

Well tonight is our webinair. We are excited to talk about our Superkids trip and feature some beautiful kiddos.  Yeah!!  This gives us a chance to reflect on  what it is like to go to China and everything we experienced this year. As you all know it was quite a year.  Filled with Joy and poignancy beyond measure. We saw familiar faces and some new sweeties.  Some of whom you will meet tonight.  Here are some random thoughts we all discussed on the trip.

It really touches our hearts when children remember us but at the same time its sad.  That they would remember a visiting team from one year ago.  We advocate hard for every child we meet to get a file.  To get the chance to be adopted.  For the orphanages its hard and a job none of us would want to have.  How do you pick the children to prepare a file.  Out of  say 600 children, where do you start and how do you pick?  So we shout from the rooftops for every child we meet, follow up and ask and ask.  There are simply not enough workers to prepare the files for all the children.  How could there be in orphanages where there are hundreds of children.

Another sad reality is all the older children available for adoption.  So many of these children will age out without finding their forever family.  Many many of the children available are boys.  Since when did being a boy become a special need?  That is one I still don't get.

So tonight if you want to hear more about the Superkids trip to China, listen in follow this link to register.