Meet Rowan!

Are you ready to meet Rowan? Just look at this little cutie! Those missing teeth just do me in!

Rowan is seven years old who is described as a respectful, cheerful boy with an active personality. He lives with a foster family and is in grade 1 in school.

He is described as agile. He runs and jumps, including jumping with both feet off the ground. He goes up and down stairs by himself. He can play with a ball and uses chopsticks well.

Although there were some questions about Rowan's development at one point, he is now considered on target with his peers developmentally. His file indicates that he has no ongoing health concerns. 

Rowan's favorite snacks are chocolate and candy, which sounds like most other little seven year olds I know! He gets along well with and enjoys playing with other children.

This precious little boy needs a family of his own! Could he be your son?

Please contact April Uduhiri at for additional information.