Lovely Lexie {Under Consideration}

Lexie is a lovely little 3 year old girl. See what I mean? I really don't use the word lovely lightly here! Her caregivers describe her as smiley and sweet, though she was pretty sober with us. Not that I blame her! I'd be a little unsure of that many new people too!

She is a quiet, calm little girl who likes to be held. She liked to sit on our laps and observe what was going on in the room around her. She loved looking at pictures of herself on my camera.

She is doing well developmentally. She speaks in sentences and follows simple directions. She throws a ball and walks independently. She is potty trained. Her favorite toys are blocks and puzzles. She enjoyed playing with Legos and trying to build something with them.

Lexie has postoperative CHD. Superkids volunteers will be glad to speak with families who are interested!

Could Lexie be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information!