Thankful Thursday {#gratefulfor...}

We are taking time this month to count our blessings! We have so many things to be grateful for!

First of all I have to mention the China and Taiwan teams who make our travels so easy and enjoyable! From getting us to where we need to be to helping us get laundry done to buying us coffee and water when we need it to translating for us these extraordinary people make our trips possible!

Rocky and Ashley

And on top of that they are just fun, caring people whom I feel privileged to know. Each of them cares so much about the children that we see! One of my favorite memories of China includes Rocky singing along with a child who felt a little shy about singing a song that her caregiver suggested she sing.


We are so blessed to have such talented, caring, extraordinary people on the ground in the countries we visit!

We are sharing different things we are #gratefulfor each day this month on our Facebook page! Come join us and share what you are #gratefulfor this month!