Darling Daphne! {Taiwan}

Daphne is a kind and easy-going almost 7 year old little girl. She can be shy when meeting new people, but she loves to play with other children and gets along well with her classmates. Daphne lives in a foster family and especially loves playing with the family dog! She also enjoys reading and watching TV. In school, Daphne is good at paying attention and will ask questions, when needed. She especially loves when her class takes field trips.
Daphne loves to be helpful at home and school. Her foster parents have a young granddaughter they look after and Daphne loves to help take care of her. 

Daphne is developmentally on target with her peers and has no current medical conditions. She was born premature and had neonatal drug withdraw syndrome at birth. 
For more information on Daphne, please be in contact with Taiwan Program Caseworker Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org

We have to be careful what type of photos we post publicly of children from Taiwan. To see pictures of Daphne contact Mary or join our Taiwan advocacy group on Facebook.