Lawrence is a cute-as-a button 6 year old boy. We have some of the cutest notes on this little boy. For example: "He's not very brave and can get scared of different things like lizards!" Or under dislikes: "He does not like dancing."

I smile as I read through our notes remembering this little boy. He is very active. He saw our table with care packages for matched children on it and he wanted those packages! He would not be sidetracked from the package that had little matchbox cars in it. We tried bubbles and balls and everything we had, but we did not have anything as cool as those cars!

Lawrence is diagnosed with developmental delays. He speaks in simple sentences, but his pronunciation is not very clear. He drew a picture of  a sun for us. He tries to imitate writing and pretends to write Chinese characters. He can count to 10.

He likes to play outside with balls. He can run, jump, and kick a ball. He is close to his caregiver and gets along well with other children.

This cute little boy is waiting for his family! Could he be your son? Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.

We are having a webinar in which Keely O'Dell will speak about developmental delays and will be telling you more about Lawrence and other waiting children tomorrow. Please register here.