Nolia {Under Consideration}

It is so unusual to have so many young children to advocate for, but we have new partnerships and new files! So we are excited to have so many precious tiny ones to share with you!

Today I'm going to introduce Nolia. This little sweetheart is only 18 months old. She is from the same orphanage as the twins, so we can't share photos publicly. She is just beautiful though!

She sits by herself and crawls. She can transfer toys from one hand to the other. She holds her own bottle and responds to her name.

Nolia has repaired cleft lip and cleft palate. She is described as a quiet baby and it is noted that she likes to listen to music.

This adorable baby girl needs a family! We are looking for a family who has a log in date or is almost finished with their dossier. Could Nolia be your daughter? Please contact Mary Chapman at for more information.