Danica {Taiwan}

Hiding behind her caregiver, a petite girl came forward. Her name is Danica. Her hair pulled back with a striped shirt and black pants, she waits patiently for her turn with the team. The team starts by asking questions about her such as what she likes and doesn’t like or her favorite food and color.  Danica was very reserved and quiet. When a hard question was asked and she did not know how to answer it she would simply look up and give a sweet smile.

A few fun facts about Danica; her favorite color is yellow. When asked why, she said because it “makes me happy.”  The thing she likes to do the most is play outside. She enjoys anything that makes her laugh. Danica loves to be silly with her friends, making up games at the nearby playground.  She enjoys drawing and painting.  She drew the most detailed picture of herself, making sure to give herself a very fashionable side ponytail.

Danica showed off her running, jumping, and ball skills. When she moved from task to task we could hear her quiet little voice say “thank you” followed by “bye-bye” with a dainty wave.

Danica is a 10 year old girl with minor needs. Could this bashful outdoorsy girl be your daughter?  Contact Mary Chapman at mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.