Rules for an Adoption Trip

A very dear friend Ruthi who has adopted a Superkid was talking recently about the rules for an adoption trip.  She should know this is her family.  I always find her inspiring.  So I though with her permission I would share this with you.  Thank you Ruthi for being such and amazing Mom and wonderful person.

Rule number 1-  You get the child-  well that is the purpose.  Does it matter if the hotel is not perfect, the train is late, its hot?  No it does not because you still come home with your child.  You get where you should be at the appointed time and its all good because you get the child!!!!!!! Remember how lucky are you because you get the child.

Rule number 2- No one gets sick.  Yes this is important.  You are away from regular medical care and everything familiar.  Don't drink the water.  Don't brush your teeth with the water.  Don't eat things that you know may make you sick  Be vigilant about hand sanitizer and hand washing.  Pack travel medications with you and be sensible.  Bring vitamins and snack bars as well.

Rule number 3- Try to see something in China. Remember this is your child's culture.  See something to get a feel for the people.  At the same time this is not a sightseeing trip.  Have plenty of bonding time.

So what is a successful adoption trip?  GET THE CHILD!!!!  All else is negotiable but following rule two and three help.

SO what did we not say.......  don't try to teach you child a new skill while in China.  Work on having a great interaction and getting to know this special new human being who is your child. Hold their hand, let them get to know you.  Go slowly and build trust.  So for those of you who have upcoming travel think about these things.  I remember this when soon to travel parents ask me about the trip.  Its China,  Its different but in general guides and even just people are happy to help!!!  I have had my suitcases carried, strangers help me with directions and all sorts of issues from exchanging money to buying candy.  So think about how wonderful it will be to home with your child.  Just get through the trip.

Hope this is helpful!  Thanks again to Ruthi.  Adoptive parents rock!!!!