Sugar Sweet

These two beauties are sweeter than sugar.  The both have sweet smiles,  sweet laughs,  Sweet hugs and are just so much fun!  What else do they have in common?  An extra chromosome.  Both these beauties have Downs Syndrome.  That means they have either a full or partial extra copy of chromosome 21.  I don't know but suspect its the sweetness chromosome because these two have extra extra in this category.

There are other things associated with this extra chromosome like,  heart defects, hypotonia,    gastrointestinal and endocrine issues.  There are some others as well.  If you don't know anything about Down's syndrome,  learn a little about it.  There is a facebook advocacy group. here is one of many resources. >  If you learn more about Downs syndrome,  you might just see yourself parenting a child with Down's.  You could live a life filled with joy sweetness and fun as well.

Just a little about these two girls.  Charlotte goes to the village school with the kiddos from the SWI.  She is beautiful and loves a good game of balloon chase.  She loved the Ipad too. Hair bows are also one of her musts.  She is cuter than cute.  We loved Charlotte.  Last year even our bus driver was taken by this sweetie and played balloon chase for almost one hour.

Amelia is a sweetie but baby.  She is happy, cooperative and likes to toys.  She gets what you want her to do and cooperates. She likes the ball and can pull up.  She likes to scoot on her bottom to get around.  This leaves her hands free for toys.  She is such a sweetie.  We have seen her twice, so we have pics from when she was just about a year old.  Amelia was found just outside the gates to the SWI.  She was left in a good place to be found immediately.  So this girl is just waiting for someone to love her.

So if you haven't parented a child with Downs,  learn more about it.  These girls could bring so much joy to your family.  That is not to say its easy.  Parenting any child is a long difficult and exhausting. But its so so worth it.

If you would like more information about either of these two girls please contact,