See this handsome young man? We are calling him Christopher and he is ten years old. The Superkids team met Christopher in 2013 and again in 2014. He is such a sweet, cheerful boy. We all loved it when Gongzhan had him eating bananas and lifting water bottles to try to build up his strength!

Christopher has a degenerative disease. He can't move his legs and is not continent. Christopher is very smart and loves school. Someone from the orphanage drives him to school, they carry him to his desk where he remains until school is over. 
Christopher has an impish grin and wonderful laugh. He loved playing Candy Crush on Gongzhan's iPad. He also really enjoyed the hats we took in 2014. You have to admit that he looks pretty good in them too!

Christopher needs a family who will love him no matter what the future holds for him. Could he be your son?
For more information about Christopher or any of our waiting children please contact April Uduhiri at