Our Christmas Miracle

It's a story that has been unfolding for a year and a half. In June of 2013 we met a beautiful girl whom we all fell in love with. She was with her foster father when we first met her and they requested that we try to find a family for her. We promised we would, and silently prayed that her family would be easy to find.

"Amanda" 2013

We saw her again in June of 2014. This time she assured us that we shouldn't feel bad if we couldn't find her a family. We all knew the clock was ticking and that time was running out as her 14th birthday (when children in China become ineligible for adoption) was only 6 months away. Again we came away realizing what a special girl this was!

"Amanda" 2014

On Monday, she met her family. She is now officially adopted, three days before her birthday. One of the things she said she hoped for in a family was siblings. Well, now she has them. And she has a wonderful mom and dad who will give her every opportunity they can.

What a beautiful Christmas miracle!