Update Time For Grayson!!

When we met Grayson (read his advocacy post here) he walked into the room with a smile on his face. He was eager to make connections with us and loved all of the activities we did with him. He posed for pictures and watched as we printed one out for him then he wanted to pose with one of his friends and have that photo printed too.

April was drawing with several of the older kids and asked them to draw themselves by looking at their printed pictures. Grayson did a beautiful job with his self portrait and when April showed him the row of rabbits across his sweater he carefully added them to his picture.

He has the greatest laugh! Keely did some cognitive tests with each child and he thought some of the pictures were so funny! He wasn't the only one laughing because his laugh is just so infectious that Keely and several other kids were laughing too!

Even as he was leaving the room he was waving and telling us good-bye. Grayson would love to have a family of his own! Is he your son? I so want to see him adopted before he is close to aging out! Please share his posts and help this deserving boy's family find him!

Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri.org for more information on adopting Grayson!