We Love Lucy!

Lucy is an outgoing, friendly little 3 year old girl. She is so sweet and funny with a very soft little giggle.

The Superkids team met her in April (for the second time) and she had so much fun with the pretty hairbows and looking at herself in the mirrors we took. It was so cute! She would look at her picture then look in the mirror and giggle!

Lucy has strabismus and some increased muscle tone in her legs that causes her to walk on her tip toes and with a bit of a halting gait. She can walk independently and go up and down stairs with assistance. She is receiving therapy and it is reported that she is making good progress.

She speaks in complete sentences and answers questions appropriately. She can dress herself and is in the process of toilet training. She has a great attention span and was very interested in the toys we had with us.

Lucy likes to sing and she helped several other children sing a song for us which was, of course, super cute!

Could this darling little girl be your daughter? Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information.