The following post was written by Tanna Becker, one of the Superkids volunteers who went on the most recent trip to China. Tanna certainly had a way of making each child feel loved!

I feel honored to be given the privilege to write a post about Anthony! Anthony touched my heart in a special way when I met him on the Superkids trip. I would love for you all to read the full post about Anthony when I first met him, but I want to begin this post about him with a quick recap! Anthony is twelve years old. His medical need is the result from burns that have left scars, which he is currently receiving treatment for. Anthony has only been at the orphanage for the past five years.

It was late in the afternoon when Anthony came into the room where we were evaluating the kids. I remember recognizing him from a past blog post I had looked at before coming to China. What a handsome kid…I thought to myself. He is absolutely precious in the eyes of our Heavenly Father, yet the way he handled himself when he first came in the room told me he did not see the worth he had. Before it was his turn to go through the different evaluation stations I saw him wandering through the halls. He didn’t interact too much with anyone, but just waited his turn. I so badly wanted to see Anthony smile before he left that day. I wanted him to know how worthy of love he was, how much value he possessed. Long story short… before long Anthony was found with a smile on his face, teasing me, and running through the halls as we played a game of tag! My heart was full. I am confident Anthony left our area knowing he was loved and valued by our team.

This summer I am thankful for the opportunity I have to be the international intern at Gladney. One of my projects was to create prayer cards for a new faith based outreach. As I went through the list of children I beamed when I saw his name on my list! How fun it would be for me to create a prayer card for a boy I know, care for and love so much. Would you prayerfully consider the possibility of Anthony being your son? I pray Anthony is given the gift of a forever family soon! I can only imagine the way he would flourish in a home where his family would show him unconditional love. In the small amount of time we had with Anthony I saw the way he thrived when he was shown attention and love.  A forever family is something Anthony needs! Could he be part of yours?

Anthony is on the shared list right now, so, while Gladney would be more than happy to help a family adopt him, his file can be accessed by any agency!

Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information. Superkids volunteers are happy to talk to any family interested in adopting him, even if you are with another agency.