Meet Kenny!

Kenny is a cute 8 year old boy who is described as gentle and friendly by his foster dad.

I smiled when I was looking back at our notes from when the Superkids team met him. At different places on the forms were written little comments like "Very cute!!", "Sweet boy!", and "We like!" I smiled when I read that because it reinforces my memories of this little boy. He is cute and sweet and quickly won the team over!

Kenny has mild cerebral palsy which effects his right side and epilepsy, which is controlled by medication.  He can walk, jump, and run. He can throw and catch a ball. He put a Lego set together with one of our team.

Kenny is learning to read and write. He likes playing games and his favorite food is pineapple. He lives in a group foster home where each child has a job they are responsible for. Kenny's job is taking out the trash.

Could this sweet, gentle boy be your son? Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about Kenny.