It's Gunner's turn to be introduced! We wrote about meeting him in April here, but now his file is complete and we can actually advocate for a family for him!

Gunner is a cute, funny 4 year old boy. He loves playing and bouncing a ball. Nothing makes him laugh harder than if you act silly with him bounce the ball off of your head! He absolutely loves silly play!

Gunner has a repaired cleft lip and cleft palate, he also has minor CHD and some kidney swelling.

He is an active little boy who can run, jump, and kick a ball. He is a little delayed with language. He says words and understands what is said to him, but does not yet speak in complete sentences. He enjoys coloring and drawing and also helped to put together a small Lego vehicle.

Gunner is in foster care and it is reported that he gets along well with his foster sibling.

Gunner is a cute little boy who really needs a family to call his own! Could he be your son?  Please contact April Uduhiri at for more information about adopting Gunner!