Sometimes a child walks into the room and you actually gasp at how incredibly lovely they are. Katelyn is one of those children.

See what I mean?

Katelyn is 2 years old. She has several medical needs including CHD and orthopedic issues. We are waiting on genetic testing to rule out a genetic condition.

She is doing well developmentally. She walks independently. She can stack cups, find a missing object, and follow simple commands. She is very inquisitive about what is going on around her.

Katelyn is shy and quiet around people she doesn't know, but is active and talkative with people she trusts.

And listen to this little detail: (I love these nuggets!) She loves to play with adult shoes. Isn't that adorable?! Can't you just imagine her clomping around in too-big shoes?

Sweet Katelyn needs a family! Could she be your daughter?  Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org for more information about adopting Katelyn!

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