Sparkling Savannah {Under Consideration}

Oh I love getting to introduce new children to you! Especially children that I have known for a long time!

Savannah is a little girl with a huge, sparkling personality! She is just full of life and has such a beautiful smile! The words we wrote to describe her were things like "outgoing, spunky, super friendly, curious, independent".

Savannah is 7 years old and has dwarfism. She knows her numbers and letters and can write her name. She dresses herself and feeds herself. She was so cute and did an amazing job copying English words! She did really great at coloring in the lines and copying patterns. She drew the cutest little stick figure when Keely asked her to.

Savannah is another child that we have met multiple times. We especially requested that the orphanage prepare her file since they were not planning to thinking that children with dwarfism are too difficult to find families for. Let's prove to them that this little girl is very worthy of a family! She is truly perfect in every way!

Could Savannah be your daughter? Contact April Uduhiri at for more information.