Sweet Samson {Under Consideration}

We have known this precious little man since he was 5 months old! He stole our hearts then and he still owns them. This little boy is just... well, let me start at the beginning.

Samson was born with CHD. When we first met him he was tiny and very, very fragile. He needed heart surgery and we were really concerned about him. I think handing this tiny, frail, blue baby boy back to the nanny and walking out of that orphanage ranks among the hardest things I've ever done in my life. 

By the next time we saw him he was 17 months old. He had been to Shanghai and received his first surgery! He was still pretty tiny, but this time it was tears of joy rolling down my face as I left. This tiny, precious boy was going to live!

We saw him again in April, a silly, smart, active two year old. This time he came in with his doting foster mom and my heart was so full watching him play and do all of the things two year olds love to do. I handed him a mirror and he immediately put it to his ear like a phone! 

He came in with the same foster mom when we saw him 2 weeks ago. He is now 2 1/2.  It took him a bit to warm up to all the strangers in the room, but once he did he charmed us all over again! He had these silly little broken glasses that he kept trying to put on. He would wrinkle up his little nose to try to keep them on. It was adorable!

Samson is doing great developmentally. He walks and runs and jumps. He gets along well with the other kids in his foster home. He is toilet trained. He speaks simple words in Mandarin.

This little boy is so special and he needs a special family! Please contact April Uduhiri at april.uduhiri@gladney.org if you want more information about Samson!

And please, share Samson's story! Let's find his family!