Meet the Team!

Meet the Superkids April 2016 team! 

(Click on the names to find out more about each person!)

We will also be joined by 2 Chinese doctors and by some of the Gladney in-country staff.

Our itinerary looks something like this:

April 8th & 9th- Travel to China
11th & 12th- Shanghai CWI
13th- Travel to Changsha
14th & 15th- Changsha SWI
16th & 17th- Keely & Erin travel to Fujian, the rest of the team travel to Jiangxi
18th & 19th- Keely & Erin- Stone Lion CWI, rest of the team- Xinyu, Yichan, & Jian SWI's
20th- Nancy Shaw leaves for the US and everyone else travels to Ningbo
21st & 22nd- Ningbo CWI
23rd- travel back to Shanghai then back to the US.