Our Second Day at Cathwel

An amazing day filled with lots of little faces... some matched faces, some familiar faces and some new faces. The perfect blend for our second day at Cathwel.

It’s a special experience for the team to share care packages and photos of the forever families with the matched faces. It’s a celebration. A celebration of family. An adoption journey that all started because a family connected with a child our team had met.

Familiar faces bring smiles to our faces as we have learned so much about them and enjoy time with them during our visits. While at the same time our hearts ache that they are still waiting. Each time the team comes we bring hope. Hope of a forever family.

Then there are the new faces we are introduced to. Lots and lots of new faces this trip. The team is so excited to share what we have gathered in our adventures together. Let the advocacy begin and let us be a voice. A voice that brings a waiting child to life so that their forever family will find them. 

Each and every face forever a part of our memories shared here in Taiwan. Every child deserves a family. And there is a family for every waiting child. Now we work together to help them find each other. Forever families really do start here.