Kobe {NEW FILE-Taiwan}

One of my favorite things is to get a new file and realize that we just met this child and have so much great information to share about them!

Today we get to introduce Kobe. We met him earlier this month and got to spend some time playing with him. He was a quiet little guy, but not really shy. He enjoyed playing with the little robots and toys in the room and was quite imaginative in his play.

Kobe is almost 4. His file indicates that he is developmentally delayed and has ADHD. He sorted colors with us and answered who, what, why type of questions. He speaks in complete, but short, sentences and, while his speech can be hard to understand, he communicates well.

He can walk, run, jump, kick a ball and do all the other active things 4 year olds love to do. He did well trying to copy shapes with a crayon and he can count to ten.

He likes eating grapes and other fruits and his favorite toys are dinosaurs and robots (I told you he has a good imagination!)

This sweet little guy needs a family to call his own! Could he be your son? Please contact mary.chapman@gladney.org for more information.