Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday sweet Rae. Happy birthday to you!

Rae will soon be two!  For her birthday, she would love nothing more than to have a family of her own in process to bring her home!  Rae's initial diagnosis was albinism and delayed development.  She has had some hospitalizations and additional diagnosis that are listed in her file.  We are seeking clarification and an update on her medical needs and development progress since file preparation.

Rae's file was prepared when she was a year old.  At the time, was she described as an introverted child who liked to be alone.  She has normal hearing and low vision- able to see things that are close to her.  She has noted developmental delays and we are hoping that an update will show her progress over the last year.

Interested in viewing Rae's file and being notified when her update arrives?  Contact superkids@gladney.org for more information on this sweet girl!