Kristoff - Update {Taiwan} Urgent!

If you watched our Facebook live video from ChungYi you heard me mention a little boy who rather urgently needs a family. His name is Kristoff and he is 9 years old. He likes to study computer science in school and wants to cook Western style food when he grows up. His favorite Western food is steak.

Kristoff is a little shy but warms up quickly and enjoys all of the puzzles and games we play with him. He likes reading, especially Chinese history books. He also enjoys outdoor games and playing with friends.

We found out during our recent trip that his file is going to be closed soon. This means that we will no longer see him or get updates on him. He will still be available for adoption, but it becomes harder to place a child without current information. Right now we have pictures, videos, and information. 

Kristoff has a diagnosis of Torettes, though he is going to be re-tested soon since there are several caregivers who doubt this diagnosis. Hopefully we can update this post once we get the results from the testing.

This amazing little guy needs and wants a family. He would like to have a brother, if possible, but the important thing is that he has a family to call his own.

Please contact for more information. And don’t forget to join our private Facebook group where you can see pictures and videos that we cannot share publicly.